First Time Landlords

Get on the buy-to-let ladder as first time landlords with our helpful guides about buying an investment property. Bricks and mortar is still one of the most popular investment strategies in the UK, as landlords aim to make passive income..

Managing a BTL - Molo Finance

Managing a buy-to-let

Once you’ve purchased a buy-to-let property, there’s just the small matter of managing it. From finding the right renters and ensuring the tenancy runs smoothly to paying your mortgage and then remortgaging, there’s plenty to take in – especially if you’re a first-time property investor. If there’s anything and everything you wanted to know about …

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Right to rent rules 30th June 2021

Right to Rent

The introduction of Right to Rent was controversial when announced in 2016. At the time, many landlords argued that checking people’s immigration status shouldn’t fall on their laps and instead should  be the job of the government.  Yet, here we are five years later, and Right to Rent is an integral aspect of renting a …

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mortgage affordability stress testing

Stress testing and its role in mortgage affordability

What is stress testing? Whilst looking for the best buy-to-let mortgage product for you, you may have heard about the new requirements that have been put in place to assess mortgage affordability.  Banks and other lenders are now required to ‘stress test’ all mortgage applications to make sure that the applicants do not borrow more than …

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