Molo Values: making sure that everyone matters

Posted by Simon Banks, June 18, 2021

Molo Values: making sure that everyone matters

The month of June holds plenty of weight when it comes to fairness and inclusivity. And it got us thinking about the importance of Molo values, such as our own ethics and how we strive to facilitate a fair and equitable world for both customers and team members. 

From leadership to product decisioning, we have a transparent process and inclusive culture that gives everyone a voice. And we believe now is as good a time as any to share some of our beliefs with you while providing more insight into how we make sure that everyone matters at Molo.  

Customers first. Always

Everything we do at Molo centres around our customers. The need to be a brand that is transparent and listens to what its audience wants is essential to striking a chord and gaining trust. Some of the ways we do that include:

Mortgage options

Many people can’t get a mortgage because they don’t meet specific criteria. One of the primary actions we’ve taken at Molo centres around trying to make mortgages more inclusive. It’s why you can get a Molo mortgage if you’re self-employed or a first-time landlord. We also offer a wide range of options, such as remortgages, let to buy and HMO. 


The language here is jargon-free, and we purposely create a simplified approach so that customers can easily digest what can often be a complicated topic. Our customers are also well informed and kept in the loop about the latest updates and news regarding Molo mortgages and our products. 


From interest rates to early repayments fees, we are completely transparent and ensure all the information is available to you. That includes any repayment fees and costs associated with both your mortgage and potential legal fees. 


Our Customer Success team is always available to offer support during your mortgage application. You can also get in touch with them for any additional queries you may have about getting a mortgage too. We think our commitment to customers is reflected in the Molo reviews you see online. 

Fostering an inclusive atmosphere for our team

The belief system used for our customers forms part of the same ethos we form for team members. The Molo culture promotes a work-life balance that empowers employees to be the most productive versions of themselves.

Laying down roots

Both maternal and paternal policies are in place for team members, so they can enjoy time away with the newest editions to their family. Nothing is more important than maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and we’re always supportive and encouraging when employees welcome a new little human into the world.  

Offering the right balance

The last 12 months have seen a monumental change in how people work, and we want to lead from the front when it comes to modern-day working setups. That’s why remote, flexible working is in operation. We encourage people to work in environments that suit them, whether it’s working three months away to visit family members or just experiencing a different scenery. We also provide resources towards home setups, so people can do their best work remotely. 

The importance of culture

Despite being in lockdown for the past 12 months, we’ve kept spirits high and made sure that team members don’t feel remote even if they’re working remotely. There have been numerous virtual events, with cocktail making courses, postal treats and Xmas parties. During a post-pandemic world, we often hosted offsite parties, actively encouraged team members to bring their pups to work, had regular socials every Friday and generally tried our best to create an inclusive culture where everyone feels values. We look forward to bringing these back once some normality resumes. 

Privacy and confidentiality

At no point during the employee experience do we ask for demographic information, such as race or sexuality. We are committed to hiring on merit and finding the best talent for the role regardless of race, gender or sexuality.

Learning and development

Team members should feel emboldened in their roles, and we often encourage them to participate in learning and development classes to enhance their skills further. One of those classes includes LinkedIn Learning Paths, which provides tools and resources for software developers, sales representatives, financial analysts, project managers and more. We will always make time so employees can take these classes during working hours and benefit from the learning opportunities. 

Working towards a better future

We’re not naive enough to think we’ve solved all the world’s problems at Molo, and we’re continually learning and adapting to offer a better experience for our customers and team members. But we do strongly feel that we’ve created an environment where people can excel, and everyone has a voice. 

And we think that’s a very encouraging start to looking after the interests of our customers and our talent. 

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