Switch remortgage deals effortlessly on your buy to let

Remortgaging a buy to let property online has never 
been so simple
excellent molo customer reviews
remortgaging buy to let property online

Switch remortgage deals effortlessly on your buy to let

Remortgaging a buy to let online has never been so simple.

excellent molo customer reviews

Explore our range of remortgage deals

Competitive deals for individuals and limited companies.

Up to 80% LTV

Remortgage any buy to let property where you own at least 20% equity.

2-5 year fixed rates

Guarantee your monthly outgoings so you can plan years into the future

Borrow more

Get a new deal on your property and borrow more from its increase in value

LTDs are A-OK

Switch to a new deal using a Limited company for maximum tax efficiency

Browse our remortgage rates

The mortgage calculations below are based on a loan amount of £150,000 with 75% LTV. For a personalised illustration, please visit our buy to let rates page.

2 Year Fixed


Monthly payment
Product fee

True cost


5 Year Fixed


Monthly payment
Product fee

True cost


Check your eligibility

Find out if you meet our full lending requirements before applying

Buy-to-let mortgage or remortgage only

We don't yet offer residential mortgages or consumer Buy to Let.

Property must be in England or Wales

We don’t yet provide mortgages for properties in Scotland or NI.

60% to 80% Loan to Value (LTV)

We currently only lend up to 80% LTV, meaning you'll need a 20% deposit.

Remortgage and borrow more

If you need to borrow more we currently lend up to 75% of property value.

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) limited companies only

Must be a Real Estate SPV registered within England or Wales.

The SIC code must be one of the following:

64305, 64910, 68100, 68209, 68310, 68320. No other SIC codes will be accepted.

Maximum of 4 directors or shareholders

Each director or shareholder must provide a full personal guarantee.

Learn more about remortgaging a buy to let property

Get the lowdown on all things buy-to-let, from mortgages to renting out your property

Remortgaging your buy to let property

Switching to a new buy to let mortgage deal could save you money or allow you to borrow more.

Just like a residential mortgage, you can remortgage a buy to let property with Molo online. The process is simple and can be as quick as a few days.

When can you remortgage a buy to let?

Usually, you’ll want to consider remortgaging at the end of your initial period and avoid a lender’s higher Standard Variable Rate.
Remortgaging sooner could incur early exit fees, and you may lose more than you gain by remortgaging.

How does a buy to let remortgage work?

Buy to let remortgages work the same way as residential ones.

At Molo, we’ll ask you to provide some information via our simple online form. You’ll be able to choose the deal you’d like to apply for, which we’ll then approve if happy with your application.

Is it worth remortgaging your property?

Remortgaging a buy to let property could be worth it if:
– You want to reduce your monthly payments
– You want to borrow more money
– You want to avoid paying the higher Standard Variable Rate
However, you’ll need to check that you’re approaching the end of your initial period to avoid any early exit fees.

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