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Buy-to-let mortgage or remortgage only

We don't yet offer residential mortgages or consumer Buy to Let.

No portfolio landlords

You must have less than 4 other mortgaged buy-to-let properties.

Property must be in England or Wales

We don’t yet provide mortgages for properties in Scotland or NI.

60% to 80% Loan to Value (LTV)

We currently only lend up to 80% LTV, meaning you'll need a 20% deposit.

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) limited companies only

Must be a Real Estate SPV registered within England or Wales.

The SIC code must be one of the following:

64305, 64910, 68100, 68209, 68310, 68320. No other SIC codes will be accepted.

Maximum of 4 directors or shareholders

Each director or shareholder must provide a full personal guarantee.

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Investing in BTL for the first time?

With Molo, you can get a mortgage for the following purposes:
1. To buy a new buy to let property
2. To remortgage your current mortgage
3. To remortgage your current mortgage and borrow more
To remortgage and borrow more, the additional money must only be for home improvements or for buying another investment property.

Remortgage and borrow more

You can only remortgage with Molo and borrow more if any additional monies are for home improvements or buying another investment property.

What is buy to let?

If you own a property that you rent out in return for rental income, then you’ve got yourself a buy to let. To put it simply, buy to let is a form of property investment. It’s one of the most traditional (and popular) ways to invest in the UK.

What’s the initial rate?

The UK’s buy to let market happens to be one of the largest in the world. Investors from all over the globe put their money into flats, houses, studios and just about every other form of bricks and mortar.

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