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Up to 12 lettable rooms

One mortgage for up to 12 lettable rooms listed on the application.

Standard physical valuations

For properties up to 6 lettable rooms, our standard process valuation helps you avoid costly specialist valuations.

Dedicated underwriter

Our team of specialist underwriters will assist you in ensuring a smooth and systematic evaluation process for your property.

Minimum experience

HMO products are available to all landlords with 12 months' landlord experience.

Faster processing

Being online and automated means we can deliver faster decisions throughout the process and give out your offer in less time than high-street banks.

Fully online

Being fully digital means we’ll review your application entirely online, no paperwork or appointments needed, saving your time & energy.

Fair and trustworthy

We won’t waste your time with jargon or hidden fees. You can find all the information you need on our website, including the true cost of your loan and any fee you are expected to pay.

HMO licences

Standard HMOs typically don’t need a licence by law. However, some local councils may require you to have a licence, and you should always check with your local authority before letting an HMO. If you have a large HMO with five or more tenants, you will be required by law to obtain a license before you can let the property.

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Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

Lending available on properties of up to 12 lettable rooms

Up to 75% Loan to Value (LTV)

We currently lend up to 75% LTV for HMO properties


Minimum ICR of 125% for basic rate taxpayers and SPVs, and 145%for all other borrowers

Experienced landlords

Landlords must have 12 months’ experience renting out a property

Multiple tenancies

We consider multiple tenancies on all HMO applications