Buy-to-let mortgages for
portfolio landlords

Borrow up to 80% LTV

Explore our benefits for portfolio landlords

Competitive deals for individuals and limited companies

Competitive products

Benefit from our regular BTL deals as we don’t charge more for portfolio mortgages

Faster processing

Get your mortgage offer faster with automatic valuations

Flexible criteria

Mortgages up to 80% LTV if your portfolio has up to 50 mortgaged buy-to-lets

Your portfolio

We need some information about your properties to underwrite your mortgage, you can fill out this form below and submit it once you’ve finished your application process. 

Am I eligible?

Eligibility for Molo mortgages depends on meeting certain criteria. For Portfolio landlords these are

Properties in my portfolio

There’s no limit to the number of unencumbered properties in your portfolio

Maximum mortgages

Available to individuals or limited companies with a maximum of 50 mortgaged buy-to-let mortgaged properties

Number of BTL mortgages

You are classed as a portfolio landlord if you have 4 or more mortgaged buy-to-lets

Portfolio stress test

Background portfolio interest cover requirement is 100%, stressed at 5.5%. The portfolio with Molo should exceed 125% at the pay rate

How do I get a portfolio landlord mortgage?

See how much you can borrow in just a few minutes and start your application

Step 1
Portfolio landlord deals
Tell us your annual income, value of the property, expected rental and annual income to see mortgage deals that match your search.
Step 1
Step 2
Get a Mortgage in Principle
See how much you can potentially borrow in just two minutes. Even better, it won’t affect your credit score.
Step 2
Step 3
Start your application
Once you’re happy with the mortgage in principle, you can start the application for your portfolio buy-to-let mortgage, entirely online.
Step 3

Ready to get started?

Get a mortgage in principle to see how much you could borrow from Molo

What will I need?

Check your eligibility

Before beginning, make sure you meet the criteria above to improve your chances of being offered a mortgage with Molo.

Gather your facts

Molo has one of the most straight-forward mortgage applications out there, but we still need a fair amount of details to get going.

Depending on your application type, you'll need to know things like:

  • Personal details
  • Incomes
  • Credit commitments
  • Details about the property
  • Potential rental income

ID & Documents

We'll need to see proof of ID, as well as evidence of your incomes and financial status.

We ask for the following documents if applicable:

  • Proof of income
  • Source of deposit
  • Residential status
  • Other mortgages
  • The property's EPC
  • Any additional borrowing
  • Proof of rental income
  • Details of your portfolio

How will my mortgage application be assessed?

Once you’ve submitted your application, we’ll assess your portfolio buy-to-let mortgage application by checking your finances, credit score and other factors. Let’s take a look at the process.

Financial assessment

We’ll assess your personal financial health. While there is no minimum income, we’ll need evidence of your ability to pay the monthly mortgage payments.

Credit check

A credit check allows us to gain insights into your financial stability. This process helps us understand your creditworthiness and commitment to fulfilling financial obligations.

Number of properties

You need to have a minimum of 4 and maximum of 50 mortgaged buy-to-let properties in order to get a portfolio buy-to-let mortgage with Molo.

Rental income assessment

Your rental income should exceed your mortgage payments by 5.5%. For instance, if your mortgage is £1,000, the minimum rental amount should be £1,055.

Portfolio form

All applicants are required to fill a portfolio form to ensure you meet Molo’s rental income assessment criteria.

Mervin Xavier
I am a portfolio BTL landlord and I have dealt with every major bank, building society and specialist lender.
Molo Finance has been by far one of the best mortgage application experiences I have had.
United Kingdom • 28 April 2023
Tania Lopes
I had a complex BTL Portfolio Enquiry, Liam was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and double checked the complex parts of the enquiry.
He answered my questions quickly and asked all the relevant questions to provide key information, relevant with the process.
United Kingdom • 11 April 2022

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