Buy-to-let eligibility criteria

Personal applicants


Check-mortgage-eligibility Our loans are available to applications with up to a maximum of 4 individuals.

Note: This means that you can apply jointly with other individuals.


Applying as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) limited company


Check-mortgage-eligibility Limited companies must be Special Purpose Vehicles registered in England or Wales.

Check-mortgage-eligibility At Molo we currently only lend to companies who carry our accepted SIC codes (at least one of 64305, 64910, 68100, 68209, 68310, 68320, 68201). No other SIC codes will be accepted.

check mortgage eligibility online Where an SPV has the following SIC code 68201, this cannot be the sole SIC code.

Check-mortgage-eligibility We only accept companies with up to a total of 4 directors and significant shareholders.

Check-mortgage-eligibility Each director and significant shareholder will need to provide a full personal guarantee.

Note: Take a look at our FAQ page on SIC codes to learn more.


First time landlords


Check-mortgage-eligibility Yes


Portfolio landlords


Check-mortgage-eligibility We lend to individuals or Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) with a maximum of 50 mortgaged buy-to-let mortgaged properties (across all applicants).

Check-mortgage-eligibility We have no limit to the number of unencumbered properties in your portfolio.

Note: All portfolio landlords must complete the Molo portfolio form available to download at Portfolio btl.


Customer age


Check-mortgage-eligibility All applicants must be at least 21 at the time of offer.


Adverse credit


Applies to all applicants.

check mortgage eligibility online No more than £1000 of satisfied CCJs within last 24 months.

check mortgage eligibility online No unsatisfied CCJs.

check mortgage eligibility online No previous bankruptcy or IVA in the last 6 years.

check mortgage eligibility online No defaults on unsecured products in the past 12 months (all applicants), no more than cumulative £1,000 defaults value in the past 36 months (all applicants), and all defaults must be satisfied on application (all applicants).

check mortgage eligibility online No previous repossessions.
Check-mortgage-eligibility Arrears: A maximum of 1 in the previous 12 months (specific to secured arrears, not unsecured debts).

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