MUFB mortgages

Secure a multi-unit freehold block (MUFB) mortgage on a fixed rate over 5 years

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Competitive deals for individuals and limited companies

Up to 12 units

One mortgage for up to 12 units listed under one freehold title

Standard physical valuations

Our standard process for valuing MUFBs up to 6 units helps you avoid costly specialist valuations

Dedicated underwriter

Our team of specialist underwriters will assist you in ensuring a smooth and systematic evaluation process for your property

MUFB lending criteria

See if you meet our mortgage eligibility requirements to apply for a multi-unit freehold block mortgage

buy to let portfolio mortgages

We lend to MUFB properties with up to 12 units

Up to 75% loan to value (LTV)

A red-book valuation is required for properties from 7 to 12 units

Minimum 12 months' experience as a buy-to-let landlord

All units must be separately saleable and serviced for utilities

We will include units that are as small as 25sqm within the total value of your property

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