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Molo launches it’s new residential FlexLife mortgage

Molo has launched residential FlexLife mortgage, a product from our brand new residential range known as Molo Home

Meeting home-buying needs

We’re launching this product at a time when a large number of home buyers are struggling to get onto the housing ladder, as cited in our report, Introducing Generation Rent. It found that 91%  thought that owning a house was hard to achieve. Yet it’s not all doom and gloom, with seven out of 10 people saying they are confident about the house-buying process despite the barriers they face.

Molo’s FlexLife empowers that confidence, giving people a chance to buy a home with lower deposits and benefit from the type of mortgage security that changes the dynamic of owning a home. And it all takes place with smart online applications. 

It’s time for today’s renters to become tomorrow’s homeowners.

See more from our report, Introducing Generation Rent – A recent survey, conducted with over 1,000 participants to find out their thoughts on buying a home.

More about residential FlexLife Mortgage

Financial barriers pose a huge problem for today’s buyers, and FlexLife mortgage is designed to ease the pressures of buying a home in 2022. First-time buyers and current homeowners can buy their next home with just a 5% deposit and a fixed-rate (ranging from 15 to 40 years) that locks in their monthly payments while providing certainty around affordability. 

On top of that, FlexLife offers flexibility for when those life-changing events take place. You can take your mortgage with you when moving to another home or pay off the balance after selling the property. The payments are the only aspect that are locked, meaning you can enjoy financial stability knowing they won’t increase even if interest rates rise. 

Meeting home-buying needs

We’ll leave the final words with Molo CEO Francesca Carlesi and her thoughts on today’s property market landscape along with the role FlexLife has to play.

“Despite the challenges this generation is currently facing when it comes to home buying, our research demonstrated that they are still highly engaged with the property market”.

“It’s why we released ‘FlexLife Mortgage. In light of the huge financial barriers and uncertainty this generation is facing, our research showed that as many as one in four felt that the prospect of buying a house was a hopeless endeavour.

“Molo’s new ‘FlexLife Mortgage’ offers the flexibility, accessibility and stability that young buyers are evidently seeking.”

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