Benefits of Molo Mortgage

5 great benefits of getting a Molo mortgage

For years, getting a mortgage has been a long and complicated process. And unlike other areas of finance, mortgage lenders have been slow to adapt to the modern needs of 21st century living.

At Molo, we do things differently. We’ve used the latest technology and customer-first thinking to completely reimagine the mortgage process. And unlike many mortgage lenders that began life as a bank, we’re not afraid of change. In fact, we embrace innovation to continue to develop new and better ways of helping people buy their dream property. See our Molo values to learn more about how we work.

Here are five great reasons you might want to consider getting a Molo mortgage for your next property purchase.

1. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is

If you’ve ever got a mortgage before, you’ll know how complicated lenders can make the experience. You’ll be answering long complicated forms, digging out old bank statements and trying to wrap your head around their eligibility criteria before you know it.

Now, reset those expectations.

At Molo, we ask just a few essential questions and don’t require years of bank statements. Instead, we work with trusted partners including Experian and Rightmove to help complete your application. And you’ll find our lending criteria so clear that you’ll know exactly where you stand before you apply.

2. Everything will just make sense

Buying a property is stressful enough, without your mortgage lender using language that requires an economics degree to understand.

We keep things clear and simple, and you’ll never encounter jargon. So whether we’re asking a question during your application or you’re speaking with a member of the team, you’ll always feel in control.

3. You can talk to a human at any time

We might be an online mortgage lender, but we still have a team you can talk to if you need any assistance.

Whether you have a question or just want to check something, you can reach us by phone, email and live chat. And you can go through the entire process without speaking to anyone, if you prefer.

4. Your Molo mortgage will be approved super fast

Other lenders can leave you waiting for weeks before approving your mortgage application, potentially putting your property purchase at risk.

But at Molo, we’ll review your application in a fraction of that time. We’ve built our processes with speed in mind, using the latest technology and trusted partners to approve your mortgage in as little as a day.

5. It’s all conveniently online

No appointments. No paperwork. No queues. These are just some of the benefits of using a 21st century mortgage lender like Molo.

Whether you’re at home, at work or on the go, you can use your mobile or computer to apply and manage your Molo mortgage at your convenience.


Ready to purchase a property? Apply for a Molo mortgage.


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