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5 reasons why Friday 13th won’t affect your Molo mortgage

Friday the 13th is upon us, a day known for bringing bad luck – especially if you’re trying to open a summer camp or know anyone called Jason. You might even have some reservations about buying a house on Friday the 13th for fear of something going wrong and hindering the whole thing.

But house buying doesn’t need to be scary, and we’ve got you covered here at Molo with a watertight mortgage process led by technology. So to help you avoid falling into bad luck traps when buying a property, we’ve put together five reasons why a mortgage with us means you can expect a smooth ride, Friday 13th or not.  


Human expertise

Technology is the primary driver here at Molo, but we don’t underestimate the importance of people. That’s why we’ve got experts working in every department, from experienced underwriters to customer success stars, ready to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Someone is always available to help, just in case you have a question about mortgages or your application. It’s all about the experience, and we recognise the importance humans have to play in that role. So while we’re powered by technology, we’re driven by humans. 


More control over your own fate

Mortgages can be long and complicated, but those are two words we don’t pay much attention to at Molo. During your application, you can check on the progress anytime, anywhere. The result is more transparency over your borrowing and increased confidence in the process. 

Having complete control over your mortgage eliminates any doubts you may have about the application. So whether you’re at home late at night and want to check the progress or are on the go, your application is waiting for you with real-time updates. 


Get the true cost

The amounts involved with a mortgage could just be the most money you’ve ever borrowed and the most expensive purchase of your lifetime. Therefore, you want to know exactly what you’ll pay, from the monthly repayments to the “true cost”, which involves things like product fees. 

With a Molo mortgage, you can calculate the exact amount you can borrow – there’s no place for second-guesses or worrying about different numbers showing up. We also show the “true cost” of a mortgage, meaning you get total transparency over the numbers involved. 


Smart integrations for a simplified experience

Traditionally, getting a mortgage meant going through copious amounts of paperwork, sending things off in the post, waiting days for correspondence to arrive and having to undertake other aspects separately from the actual application. 

No wonder people get the jitters when it comes to borrowing money for a house. There’s no need to worry about any of that with us, though. Smart integrations mean we partner with brands like Rightmove to help with online valuations and Experian, which grants access to instant credit checks. Everything related to your application happens in one handy place – it’s easy, fast and entirely paperless. 


More choices for real people

Getting a mortgage is notoriously difficult if you’re self-employed or live overseas, and we’d forgive you for being apprehensive about applying or thinking something was bound to go wrong. 

But we understand that everyone is different: some people are self-employed; some people aren’t. You might live abroad; you might not. We’re happy to help with all sorts of scenarios and have no problem lending to applicants who are self-employed or are based overseas. We’re also flexible with different lending types, so there’s every chance you can get a mortgage with us whether you want it as an individual or company, or traditional or HMO


Friday the 13th

Whether you’re applying for a mortgage on Friday the 13th or any other day of the year, you can rest assured that borrowing for a house with Molo means there’s nothing to worry about. 

Find out more about how the process works and see how much you can borrow with our calculator and instant eligibility check. Realise your house-buying ambitions without any of the scary stuff when you get a mortgage with Molo. 


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