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Molo Announces New Partnership with Commercial Finance Brokers UK

LONDON – 1st April, 2021 – Molo Finance is today announcing a new partnership with Commercial Finance Brokers UK (CFBUK) to provide its customers with access to our fully-digital offering.

As part of our journey to offer customers fast, simple and fair mortgages, this new partnership will allow CFB to continue on its mission to provide customers with innovative facilities that are right for them.

‘Having been involved with the mortgage market for too many years to want to add them up, it is not often that I have had the pleasure to be part of something truly leading edge. Being one of a very small number of brokers/networks to launch with Molo, this is one of those occasions. Molo is the UK’s first, fully-digital mortgage lender – that means they are the first player to offer mortgages underwritten fully online. CFBUK are excited to be part of the Molo journey and we look forward to growing together.’ 

– Karl Mallett, Managing Director of Commercial Finance Brokers UK Ltd 

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with CFBUK. Given the brokerage’s strong customer-centric approach and willingness to embrace innovation, we felt that this was the perfect fit for Molo. We look forward to working with CFBUK and cannot wait to provide its customers with mortgages underwritten fully online, that they will love.“ 

– Francesca Carlesi, CEO and Co-Founder of Molo 


For further details on this partnership please visit Molo or contact the press contacts below.

About Molo

Molo launched in the UK at the end of 2018 as the first fully digital, direct to consumer, mortgage lender in the UK, leveraging a proprietary tech platform to deliver simpler and faster online, paperless, buy-to-let mortgages. Molo’s vision is making home ownership easier for everyone and this includes plans to offer residential mortgages in the future in addition to buy-to-let. Get a real time decision on your mortgage at Molo

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