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Why are Molo’s values so important?

Molo’s values are different from other mortgage lenders – from lending to people that other lenders won’t consider (like the self-employed) to ditching mortgage jargon for clear and simple language. A focus on technology and innovation has helped people get a Molo mortgage faster and more easily than ever before.

But one difference might be less obvious: the company’s values. We caught up with some of our team members to hear their thoughts.

What are Molo’s values?

Think big

Thinking big is about aiming high and not accepting the status quo. It’s something we do a lot at Molo, because we operate in an industry that’s been so antiquated and complex for so long that most people just accept it.

“It’s not easy to challenge convention,” says Nick Voss, Product Manager. “It requires a lot of confidence. Thankfully, Molo’s a company that encourages you to think without limits.” An example of this is our use of Open Banking – a technology standard that lets people share their personal data between companies at a click of a button.

“A year ago, when Open Banking was new and largely unheard of, we knew it had the potential to drastically improve the speed and ease of customers providing us information. The general consensus within the industry was that people weren’t ready for it, but we disagreed”.

Nick and his team believed that if they could effectively demonstrate its value and show that Open Banking is safe to use, then customers would be happy to use it. And because the ‘think big’ philosophy is shared across the whole company, the idea got the green light.

“We tested Open Banking with a small group of customers and the feedback was really positive. So we’re now in the process of rolling it out to all of our customers. Collectively, they’ll save thousands of hours of form-filling. Meanwhile, most other mortgage lenders are still asking their customers to fill out long and complicated forms.”


Own it

At Molo, every team member is trusted to deliver on their commitments.

“The ‘own it’ value is great for the company because it builds trust with Molo-ees, as they take work seriously and get things done. Having that trust allows for mistakes to be made otherwise you protract the process, questioning decisions” says Kris Byers, Case Management & Financial Crime Lead “And it’s good for the team, too, because you’re always challenged and there’s lots of opportunity to learn and grow.”

Being held accountable might seem scary to some. But Kris enjoys the challenges that it brings. 

“The hierarchy is flat at Molo, so nobody’s out of reach and everyone’s so supportive. It takes guts to speak up, when you think an incorrect decision is being made no matter who is making that decision. Being able to speak up and share opinions, ideas and having those ideas taken seriously has helped me learn more than in any other job that I have had.”

At Molo, trying new things (and occasionally failing) is part of the process of innovation. 

“So long as you learn something, no one’s going to put you down or exclude you from future projects. I think our ‘own it’ value is one of the key things that keeps us as innovative and productive as we are. And that’s great for customers.”


Better together

Revolutionising an industry as big and complex as mortgages isn’t easy. It can be both mentally and physically exhausting, which is why Molo does so much to support its team.

“Part of my role involves organising Molo’s social events, which are a lot of fun,” says Sharon Sohal, Head of People. “We’ve done everything from socials at the park and pub quiz nights to cocktail making. I don’t organise it alone, though. I’m part of Molo’s ‘Ministry of Fun’ who look after all things social!”

Back in the office (or an online meeting), Mondays begin with an all-hands meeting. It’s a time to focus on the upcoming week’s goals, and also for team members to find out how the company’s progressing towards its ambitious targets.

“It’s quite rare for companies to be so open about their performance, but it’s really important. It helps everyone see how their work’s impacting customers, and that’s hugely motivating.”

At the end of the week, the team gathers for a shared lunch and in the evenings they down tools and catch up over a few drinks. There’s just one rule – no work chat!

“Molo feels like a family. We support and challenge each other, and it creates a really nice environment to work in. We take our values really seriously and discuss them during the interview process, so every new joiner feels at home at Molo.”



Molo’s values and mission is to help make mortgages more accessible to more people. And that starts by listening to customers and putting them first.

“I’ve worked in the mortgage industry for a while,” says Gemma Hermans, Customer Success Lead. “And Molo’s approach is refreshing. Unlike other lenders, we cut out all of the unnecessary questions and requests for all sorts of forms. It saves the customer so much time and hassle, and they really appreciate that.”

Another way Molo puts the customer first is by using language that anyone can understand. There’s no jargon, and if customers do need help, they can talk to the Molo team online.

“Ultimately, we want our customers to feel confident and in control of their mortgage – not like they’re being carried along on a rollercoaster ride.”

As the leader of Molo’s front-line team, Gemma speaks with customers on a daily basis. Her team gets to hear about what customers love and don’t love about the service, and they pass that feedback back to the relevant teams.

“One of the things I particularly like about Molo’s values is that every customer-first idea is valid. So, no matter your job title, you can suggest something that might improve the lives of our customers and it will be considered seriously.”


Do it with passion

The Molo team is full of people who’ve been through the mortgage process, first-hand. So they understand how painful using a traditional lender or mortgage broker can be. In fact, Molo might not have existed if the CEO, Francesca, hadn’t herself had a bad mortgage experience.

“I remember the first time I met Francesca,” says Basak Erten, Brand and Content Producer.

“Her enthusiasm about Molo’s values was infectious, and it still is! I think it’s really helpful that so many of us are able to empathise with our customers. We understand the problems they might face elsewhere, and it motivates us to make sure that they have a better experience than we did!”

Working at Molo is exciting and fast-paced, and conversations are positively focused around what can be done, rather than what can’t.

“No one’s afraid to try something new here. Whether we’re thinking big, owning it, working together or are putting our customers first, we do it with passion. It makes working here really fun!”

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