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Women in tech: National Coding Week

Women currently account for around 31% of tech jobs in the UK. While the number, which is on the rise, is encouraging, there’s still more work to do. As it’s National Coding Week, we thought now was a great time to celebrate working in tech and, more importantly, the role women have to play in driving companies forward in vital tech roles.

And there’s no better place to start than with Natalia Roshchupko, Molo’s Chief Technology officer. So read on and find out more about National Coding Week, along with some great insights from Natalia about her journey into the world of tech and how she’s digitising

What is National Coding Week?

National Coding Week is an annual event that takes place for one week every year. The goal is to provide inspirational ideas and resources, encouraging more people to embrace working in tech and viewing it as a legitimate career. 

Over the years, the number of people taking up tech roles (both men and women) has increased. Yet, there’s still a shortage, with over half of European companies finding it difficult to fill roles. 

Why? Because many people see tech roles as jobs that require a high level of skill in a particular niche. The goal of National Coding Week is to show people that there are resources and courses available to teach those required skills and that getting a job in tech is open to all. 

What role does technology play in the mortgage industry?

A pretty big one! Everything is becoming more digitised, and finance is no different. Mortgages are perhaps one of the last sectors to receive the technological treatment, so it’s long overdue. 

These days, people expect food delivered to their door within minutes, movies and TV shows on-demand, and access to their bank accounts in one click. Most people know that you can’t get a mortgage in minutes, but it certainly doesn’t need to take months on end, which is essentially the current state of play in the industry. 

That’s where Molo comes in with its digital mortgages that don’t require any paperwork or appointments. And great women like Natalia are playing a pivotal role in changing the landscape in the UK mortgage market. 

Women in tech

Natalia has many years of experience in the tech field, having worked for the BBC as Development Lead and Glint as Head of Engineering. Natalia says that getting into the industry wasn’t necessarily difficult for her as a woman, as she entered it in a traditional way.  Staying in tech, however, is what proved difficult as there was often a negative perception towards her. After all, someone wearing heels and a skirt surely can’t code, right? Natalia has since worked hard to dismantle these stereotypes and tells anyone thinking of getting into tech to embrace it with an open mind. 
She says, “Don’t pigeon-hole yourself or allow anyone to set you back and follow your passion. The landscape is a more positive place for women than it was 20 years ago and will only continue to become more diverse and accepting as we move forward.”

The future of finance

When it comes to finance, Natalia believes that technology is the future.
She says, “tech is part of everyday life and is rapidly evolving and changing. Transforming the mortgage industry with technology is absolutely crucial to stay relevant and give people better experiences.”
When it comes to the specific implementation of tech in mortgages, Natalia highlights AI and automation.
“AI and automated processes will be able to do more for customers. Everything will be faster, better, more personalised and fairer for the borrower. This will open up doors to more people and help everyone own a home.
We already utilise automation at Molo, with our proprietary automated credit decisions engine providing a more accurate and fair assessment for the borrower. As technology improves, so too will the experience of the customer, who can enjoy better access to mortgages as a result.”

Final thoughts: The tech of tomorrow, today

Technology is arguably the biggest driver across the majority of industries, and it’s no different in finance. The number of women filling tech roles must be higher, but there is a sea change, and women like Natalia are helping to lead it with their skills and experience.

Natalia Roshchupko - Molo CTO 09

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