Kalifa Review: A note from our CEO

LONDON – 26th February, 2021 – HM Treasury has commissioned a Fintech Strategic Review led by Ron Kalifa, which goes to launch today.

Ahead of the launch for the review, our CEO, Francesca Carlesi has commented on the various strategic initiatives planned, with a positive view on the opportunities that the fintech industry has afforded customers.

Francesca Carlesi, Founder and CEO, Molo Finance:
“We welcome the recommendations from the Kalifa Review and hope this will kickstart a new era of fintech innovation which offers financial access to a larger UK population. At Molo we decided to leverage the power of technology and data to address this problem and make home-financing entirely faster, better and more accessible for everyone. This was only possible thanks to the vibrant, dynamic and open fintech ecosystem we have in the UK. The proposals identified in the review go a long way in supporting that ecosystem further, and we look forward to the impact and benefit this will have for Molo customers in the future”.

For more information on the Kalifa Review, see the Innovate Finance website.

For further details on this partnership please visit Molo or contact the press contacts below.

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Molo launched in the UK at the end of 2018 as the first fully digital, direct to consumer, mortgage lender in the UK, leveraging a proprietary tech platform to deliver simpler and faster online, paperless, buy-to-let mortgages. Molo’s vision is making home ownership easier for everyone and this includes plans to offer residential mortgages in the future in addition to buy-to-let. Get a real time decision on your mortgage at Molo

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