Molo - A recap 2024

Who is Molo: A recap of 2024

Molo Finance is an award-winning fintech start-up transforming the mortgage industry as Europe’s only digitally native mortgage lender. We use technology to deliver simpler and faster online mortgage lending. Since its inception, Molo has maintained a commitment to exceptional customer service while utilising its expertise to offer a variety of specialised buy-to-let products tailored to the needs of property investors. As we step into a new year filled with transformations and possibilities, we thought now was the perfect time to ask – and answer – the question: who is Molo? 

Who is Molo: a recap

Molo  is a UK-based digital mortgage lender founded in 2018. We leverage technology to provide faster, more accessible online mortgage services that simplify the mortgage process. 

We offer a range of buy-to-let mortgages and remortgages entirely online, including options for single applicants, ltd companies and first-time landlords, as well as specialist mortgages. In addition, we provide services to brokers as part of our commitment to offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of buy-to-let mortgages. 

Molo and ColCap

In February 2023, ColCap, an Australian mortgage lender, successfully acquired an 80% stake in Molo as part of their strategic partnership initiated in 2022. The investment, officially disclosed in March 2023, has enabled Molo to leverage ColCap’s funding capacity and expertise in buy-to-let mortgages. This strategic move aims to fuel Molo’s growth in the UK market and explores avenues for international expansion and innovation.

ColCap strategically incorporates Molo’s digital capabilities to accelerate its international expansion into the £215 billion UK mortgage market. Despite the acquisition, Molo will retain its autonomy and distinctive identity, continuing operations under its current team as an independent subsidiary under the ColCap umbrella.

The collaboration signifies a new chapter for Molo, presenting an opportunity to extend its reach and innovation in simplifying the mortgage process through advanced technology. 

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Strategic partnerships

Molo has forged a strong relationship with Brokers, clubs and networks in the UK, working with highly regarded intermediaries across a range of products to give borrowers more avenues to find the right mortgage for their investment needs.

Our partnership with brokers is set to reach unprecedented levels in 2024 and beyond. The launch of innovative products, including non-resident buy-to-let mortgages, marks a significant expansion of our offerings. This strategic growth not only diversifies our portfolio but also solidifies Molo as a pivotal player in revolutionising mortgage solutions for a wider range of clients.

A focus on buy-to-let

Over the last 12 months, Molo has launched a range of new products to give investors even more flexibility with the type of properties they purchase and how they buy them. 

With offers of up to 80% loan-to-value plus innovative product switches, we’ve opened up exciting UK property investment opportunities to first-time and existing landlords from over 60 countries worldwide. 

By providing global access to specialist buy-to-let financing without requiring a local bank account, this new offering exemplifies our mission at Molo to keep pioneering and delivering seamless mortgage experiences that expand possibilities for borrowers everywhere. We can’t wait for international investors to discover the financing flexibility now available from Molo.

There’s more than one way to invest in buy-to-let, which is why we expanded our offerings with Multi-Unit Freehold Block mortgages. For all investors, there’s an underlying need to maximise returns, and MUFB financing for properties with up to 12 units provides more variety and the potential for higher yields. 

Available on 65% and 75% LTV with competitive two and five-year fixed rates, our tailored MUFB buy-to-let mortgages give independent investors another tool to boost profits and get the most from their assets. It’s just one more way Molo caters to a wide variety of landlords. 

Over time, we’ve evolved our houses of multiple occupation (HMO) products to give landlords more choice. Now investors can get financing for properties with up to 12 lettable rooms. Available to independent landlords, with competitive two and five-year fixed rates, our tailored large HMO mortgages provide more opportunities for landlords to diversify amid increasing appetite for higher-yield investments. 

2023 also saw the introduction of Rapid Remortgage, our new 24-hour buy-to-let remortgage service. Powered by automation, Rapid Remortgage cuts lengthy wait times so investors can swiftly lock in our competitive rates. It’s a game-changing proposition that gives customers remortgage certainty well ahead of existing fixed-term expirations, helping landlords avoid expensive standard variable rates.

Customer Service

Since launching, Molo has upheld the belief that our borrowers’ experience is paramount. This is why we combine an easy-to-use digital approach with dedicated human support, available every step of the way. 

The customer service team don’t just guide applicants through getting a mortgage; they provide knowledge and reassurance at every step. We’re proud of our excellent customer reviews, and Molo’s service stands apart because our customer’s needs come first.

The team provides excellent customer support and a transparent, easy process that will stay central to the Molo experience. 

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Final thoughts: Who is Molo?

As Molo looks ahead to 2024 and beyond, we remain steadfastly committed to expanding access and value for buy-to-let investors. This includes expanding our expat product, enabling those living abroad to finance UK investment property securely. 

We also continue to offer competitive mortgage rates in a trying market that has seen interest rates reach decades-high levels. Moreover, customer service will continue to be a pillar of Molo’s offering as we strive to create the perfect buy-to-let mortgage experience. 

Molo enters 2024 as the leading digital mortgage lender, committed to constant innovation and unmatched service in simplifying the way people acquire buy-to-let mortgages. 

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