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Molo introduces ‘Savings Booster’

Tuesday, 8th November 2022: We are pleased to introduce a ‘Savings Booster’ feature across all of our buy-to-let products.

Current market volatility in the UK has resulted in landlords facing the highest mortgage interest rates in over a decade. Recognising the challenges they face, we have developed a new proposition that lets landlords reduce the amount of interest they pay, lowering the monthly cost of their mortgage.

For more information and examples, please visit our: Savings Booster

Francesca Carlesi, CEO and Co-Founder at Molo says

With interest rates at their highest for over a decade, landlords need more options for their buy-to-let mortgages. The private rental sector is an important part of the UK housing market, and hence landlords need lenders to be more innovative than ever. Molo is aware of the complex financing needs that landlords have, so we have gone beyond typical buy-to-let products to launch the Savings Booster, giving landlords true flexibility over their mortgage payments.”

For more details, read the full press release here

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Molo is an award-winning Fintech start-up that is transforming the mortgage industry as Europe’s only digitally native mortgage lender. Since it launched in 2018, the start-up uses technology to deliver simpler and faster online mortgage lending – making homeownership easier for everyone. Molo’s primary goal is to fix what is fundamentally broken in the mortgage market: cumbersome, inefficient, and slow processes, which become fast, real-time decisions. Since its launch, Molo has led change in the UK mortgage industry, delivering online buy-to-let mortgage loans to customers with both speed and efficiency.

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